Travel Adventures: North Carolina and Charlottesville, VA

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This month, we will be out and about a lot!  Life is taking us on an adventure and we could not be more excited to be able to share these adventures with you all!

This past weekend, we found ourselves on a road trip to North Carolina and back, with a detour in Charlottesville, VA.  As we made our way to NC, we made the conscious decision not to rush.  We always find ourselves with a schedule packed full and when traveling, we always have it in our heads to just get there!  As much as we were super excited to get to NC to visit with my cousins on Friday!!!, we realized that life is all about the adventure and sometimes we just need to slow down!

Soon enough we found ourselves in Durham, NC surrounded by some of our favorite people ever!  ;) Our cousins (Tony, Mike, and Matt- all three that live in NC!!!  WAHOOO!), Brooke (the ever fabulous Brooke of Brooke and Tony! ;) ) and Michael’s super fun girlfriend Jessie!  We enjoyed an evening full of southern food… including fried pickles… and cupcakes too!  Awesome.

Recently, we have found ourselves getting super excited about the thought of repurposing old things to make them new again!  So, we woke up on Saturday morning and Brooke and Tony took us on an antiques store adventure!  Every once in awhile we have found ourselves in antique stores oooing and awwing over the fun little treasures we see.  But, to be totally honest with you, most of the time they just overwhelm us!  ;)  Until Brooke and Tony took us to one of their secret finds in the Raleigh area, Revival Antiques. Before we even stepped foot in the store I was drooling over the piece of furniture I saw through the window.  That should have been my first sign to stay outside, right?!  ;)  But life is all about the adventure!  And thinking about how we would get said piece of furniture in our car to take back with us is just a fun challenge among the adventure!  ;)  Unfortunately, we found way too many things in that store that we wanted to bring home with us…. including a whole warehouse of unfinished old furniture that was just looking for a little TLC!  Fortunately though, it did revitalize our faith in antique stores and made us realize that we just have to find the store that fits our rustic chic style!

After a few stops along the way, we made our way to Winston Salem for Darcy and Patrick’s engagement session!  More on that goodness to come tomorrow!!  ;)  But they shared Wake Forest with us and we always love exploring college campuses- especially when they have a resemblance of Bucknell!  ;)

On Sunday, we started our day off with a fabulous home-cooked breakfast by Tony and Ryan!  As you may have seen on Instagram, I am afraid that I almost lost my role as Ryan’s sous chef!  Tony is all about the idea of measuring the pancake batter out to make sure all of the pancakes are the same size and shape!!  :(  Ugghh… ;)  Seriously, I was very close to losing my job!  ;)  After a super tasty breakfast, and granola bars in hand (thanks Brooke!), we were on the road again.  Destination Charlottesville, VA!

Ohh my goodness I had no idea what amazingness was ahead!  We actually never made it into Charlottesville itself… but we wandered our way through the back roads stopping at little farms along the way to our final destination Veritas Vineyard & Winery!  Our couple, Amanda and Bobby, shared their excitement for this amazing place, but nothing prepared me for it! I seriously think I found my new favorite place ever!  It kind of ranks up there with Disney World- and that takes a lot!  :)

We will be sharing Amanda and Bobby’s incredible engagement session with you all soon!!! But in the meantime… we just have to share this picture of the chandelier in their special event space.  Rustic Chic at its finest!  But that is like the thing that I like the least about that place!  ;)  haha!  (Does that tell you anything?!?!  IT IS AMAZING!)  Lets just say- we walked in and it screams LOVE!  I will leave it at that until we share Amanda and Bobby’s Engagement Session!  You won’t want to miss it!

In the meantime… if you know anyone who wants to get married at a Vineyard or just wants to have photos taken of a fun adventure at one of the most magical places ever… please call us!  We would love any excuse that takes us back to Veritas Vineyard & Winery!

Or on that note… we would love any excuse that takes us on a fabulous journey to explore new fabulous places!!!  So grateful for the opportunity!  Next up… New England!  ;)