Life of a Wedding Photographer – Behind The Scenes 2015

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2015 is definitely a year for the record books! Not only have we interviewed and photographed close to 100 couples for Amazing Life Together on the Amazing Marriage Adventure, but we have also photographed many sweet couple’s weddings and engagement sessions! We traveled to 49 states and have put more than 40,000 miles on the RV! ;) We flew to more weddings this year than we drove to! We photographed Liz and Ryan couples in Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, St. Lucia, Illinois, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Virginia, and of course Maryland!

What a year! And by the looks of these photos, we certainly had a great time doing what we do! ;) Ohh the life of a wedding photographer!

That time Ryan slipped in the snow and was covered from head to toe!

I am not sure what these faces are… but at least we are consistent when checking our light! ;) I promise we are not in pain! lol!

Yep… this is pretty common!

Being a wedding photographer often means many different things on a wedding day. Ya know, like chair mover, wedding planner, bow tie tier, floor cleaner… you name it! ;)

Our RV even made it to a wedding! 

Even when you think you plan for everything, things happen! This rain came out of nowhere and forced everyone to take cover during the wedding! Which meant a lot of mud on the dance floor. :( Thats ok though… Ryan took care of it! ;)

That time we went on a 10km bike ride in The Netherlands to a castle for Renee and Joost’s engagement session and my bike tire went flat as soon as we got to the castle. lol.

Yep, we could photograph in the Germany vineyards every day! ;) 

Ohh Italy! Ahhh! Can we please go back soon?!? ;) Those few days documenting Casey and Alex’s Italy Destination Wedding are some of the most amazing memories we have as wedding photographers! What a treat!

This is Ryan’s reaction to us saying… “We are photographing a wedding in a Castle in Italy! WHAT!?!?! ;)” Or… he is doing his best Superman pose?!?

Photographing Tracy and Joe’s St. Lucia Destination Wedding was definitely a treat too!

That day it POURED the entire day!?!? 

Don’t worry- those are non-alcoholic beverages! ;)

Ohh Ryan! ;)

Yep, sometimes I just don’t even ask questions! ;) lol.

It happens. ;) lol.

The best photobomber ever! ;) Love him and love working by his side always!Here’s to a super exciting and adventurous 2015! So grateful for all of our couples who made it everything we could have ever dreamed it to be!