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The Story Beyond – Special Guests at Sarah & Trevor’s Wedding | 07.08.2014

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Flowers in hospital
A Love Letter to You! | 03.17.2014

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to you all for your love, support, thoughts, prayers, texts, cards, flowers, cookies, visits, magazines, cozy PJs, a Birchbox, and…

There is something so incredibly magical about Santa! He has this special way of bringing an extra sparkle into the holiday season. It is always so much fun to walk by Santa at the Mall and see so many kids lined up to see the man in the bright red suit. Their eyes are usually bigger than ever with excitement because they believe in that magic! That raw excitement is contagious… so for Day 5 of our Amazing Holiday Advent Calendar we suggest that you go have your picture taken with Santa! ;)

I ALWAYS get super excited whenever I see Santa, anywhere… in the mall, at MeMe’s house on Christmas Eve (Yes, Santa always makes a stop at MeMe’s house on Christmas Eve and it is AMAZING! ;) ), and especially at Macy’s in NYC! Ryan and I took a little adventure to NYC earlier this week and one of the few planned activities that we had was to go see Santa at Macy’s! Ahhh! The REAL Santa!!! So exciting!!! ;) I may have even been more excited than the other kids in line! (I think part of me was super excited because I really thought that we might run into Buddy the Elf too! ;)… but no such luck!). But thats ok! Our visit with Santa was AMAZING!

You know what was SUPER fun?!? Santa LOVES Baltimore!! ;) (Actually, he told us he loves National Bohemian… lol, but that was just one of the many reasons he loved the city.) Visiting with Santa was pretty much magical! ;) We shared our Christmas wishes with him (more on those to come later! ;) ) and he said he would do the best that he could! He kind of loved them! ;)

Ahhh… so if you can’t tell by the HUGE smile on our faces… having our picture taken with Santa added even more Magic and sparkle into our holiday season! We certainly believe!

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  1. Katie

    so sweet i love it! Merry Christmas!

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