Happy New Year!!!! Here’s to an AMAZING 2016!

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Ohh happy day! It is 2016! How crazy is that?!?! ;) So exciting to start a New Year with new beginnings!

For all of you who recently got engaged… CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are embarking on one of the most AMAZING journeys of your life together! We could not be more excited for you!!!

Please let us know if we can help you all in any way! Yes, we are wedding photographers and would LOVE to meet your wedding photography needs. However, we are also BIG believers of LOVE and would love to help you start your marriage on an AMAZING track! ;) Check out our non-profit site at www.amazinglifetogether.com for more details on that!

In the meantime, we have asked our AMAZING Liz and Ryan couples from 2015 to reflect back on their wedding and share some of their feedback and lessons learned from their own weddings! It is our hope that their thoughts shared through a series of blog posts in the next few weeks will help you all as you plan for the first day of your AMAZING marriage together! ;)

Here’s to an AMAZING 2016! Let’s make it one that is overflowing with LOVE!