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We are on an Amazing Marriage Adventure!

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We are currently on an Adventure! A 50 state, follow-your-heart, kind of adventure! In September of 2014, we started a non-profit (Amazing Life Together) out of a dream to inspire all couples to live a happy, healthy, and Amazing Life Together! As wedding photographers, we so often see that there is so much hype surrounding a wedding day, but so little hype surrounding the marriage! We want to change that! ;) We want to provide inspiration that excites people and fires couples up to make their wedding day just the first very special day of the rest of their AMAZING lives together!

This year, we are traveling to all 50 states in an effort to document and share real married couples love stories! We are sharing photos, videos, and advice/lessons we have learned from the AMAZING couples we meet at and on Instagram at! We are also sharing about the behind the scenes of the Amazing Marriage Adventure! Please be sure to follow along and help us spread the love!

*We are still photographing weddings! ;) We actually have quite a few weddings this year that are taking us all over the map! (Baltimore, Annapolis, Illinois, Italy, Rhode Island, etc.!) This is definitely the year of travel for us! ;) If you are interested in having us document your incredibly special wedding day, please send us a note! We are excited to hear from you!

AMAZING Life Together

Clarity When Things Seem Jumbled

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Last Thursday, Ryan and I sat at our table as a trusted business advisor guided us through the complicated details of business formalities! We had our huge pad of paper out and we used colorful markers to help us comprehend what she was saying! ;) Because colorful markers make everything more clear… that is one of the many lessons we have learned from our mentor, Dean Badal.

Anyway, we have been working hard to make sure we structure the AMAZING Life Together site and the documentary project in the way that makes the most sense and allows us the opportunity to make the biggest impact we can on couple’s lives. As the details became more and more complex and our minds were clearly jumbled with a million other things that we had to get done before we left town (this may or may not have inspired our post on AMAZING Life Together titled “Busyness doesn’t equal Happiness“)… our fabulous advisor looked at us and said, you two need a retreat! ;) She could not have been more correct! We have had a TON on our minds (personally and professionally) and we just needed some time to get away!

Thankfully, we had planned a weekend for us awhile ago! Apparently, we knew we would need it! ;) Although the weekend we planned involved 3 flights and two different cities to be at two different friend’s weddings as guests wasn’t exactly what we would call a retreat, it was definitely a fun adventure to help us clear our minds and focus!

We sat in a coffee shop in Salem, MA on Friday and talked about our dreams. As jumbled as they seemed just the day before during our meeting, everything seemed completely clear on Friday! We know in our hearts we want to use our gifts to make a difference in people’s lives. We want to be an AMAZING example of marriage and inspire other couples to make their lives more AMAZING together!

We launched last week and received such an overwhelming response. We need to share more stories of real couples and shine a light of happiness on marriage! As the priest shared at our friends Jameson and Stephanie’s wedding on Friday, there will be hard times! Marriage is not easy… and truthfully it is not easy for anyone! (If you know someone who says it is easy, please send them our way because we would love to share their secrets!! ;) ). Anyway… from the responses we have received from the site launch as well as from everyone that we chat about the documentary with, we know we all could use a little AMAZING Life Together inspiration in our lives!

As wedding photographers, we have the AMAZING opportunity to spend precious time with our couples! It is such a gift for us to be able to be apart of such an incredible time in our couple’s lives! Yes, we LOVE taking their photos, but we love even more being able to share our love with them and remind them of the special love that they share! What an incredible opportunity to show them through the photos we take just how in love they are! Ahhh! That is happy!! And now with the AMAZING Life Together site, we can continue to encourage them beyond their wedding day and inspire them throughout their lives to never lose sight of that special bond that they share with each other!

This post is a little bit of a ramble, but I really just needed to share where our hearts are! When things get complicated and jumbled, I want to be able to come back to this and remember the clarity!

We are so excited to continue this site ( as the place we share the love stories we are blessed to be able to photograph for our couples, as well as the place where we share our own dreams and journey through this AMAZING life! ;) We will continue to share our photography sessions on Tuesday and/or Thursdays when we have them to post (and we have quite a few AMAZING engagement sessions coming up… not to mention our last wedding of the season!! WAHOO)! Additional posts from our hearts will come here and there on Monday, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays and we hope you will continue to come by! ;)

On the AMAZING Life Together site, we will definitely be photographing more married couples and sharing their love stories over there! If you are a fan of our photography (first of all, thanks!!!) and/or just like looking at couples in love… you will definitely want to join us over at on Tuesdays and Fridays too! However, even if looking at pretty pictures isn’t why you read our blog, we invite you all to come join us over there! We see the AMAZING Life Together site as an opportunity for everyone to open the lines of communication about marriages and love! We will be sharing REAL stories of married couples in hopes of inspiring people to live a more AMAZING Life Together. Even if you are not in a committed relationship at this time… you never know when you will be! ;) Plus, we are sure that you know someone who is. Please send them over to the AMAZING Life Together site and help us inspire this world to be a little more AMAZING together! ;)

AMAZING Life Together

Please join the Facebook page:, follow the new Twitter account:, Pinterest page:, and Instagram too:

Thanks for all of your love and support always here and over there! ;) Please help us spread the word!


One Day Until Launch!

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WOWZA! ;) Tomorrow!!… tomorrow is the day we are launching Ahh! You have no idea how excited we are to welcome you to the new site!

Just to be clear… is not going anywhere! ;) We will still be here sharing our favorite photos with you right here!!!

The new AMAZING Life Together is a site that we have created to help inspire couples to live a more AMAZING life together! It is so full of love… and really, we seriously can’t wait to share it with you!!

Tomorrow… the site will be live at 12:00 p.m. EST. However, you can pop over today and sign up for updates! That way you will definitely not miss anything!!!

Also… find us all over social media… you can connect with us today! YAY!! ;)

Thank you so so so much for all of your support! You all mean the world to us and we can feel your positive vibes coming our way!! We appreciate them so incredibly much!

Ahhhh! Here’s to a crazy day of making sure we are set for launch!! ;) Who am I kidding… ready or not, we can’t wait for you all to see it! See you tomorrow at 12:00 p.m.! ;)

AMAZING Life Together | Coming Soon!

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Ohh friends! There is so much excitement happening around here! ;) We have certainly had a crazy couple of weeks- and the weeks ahead are even a little more crazy, but we could not be more excited to share this excitement! ;)

We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes on a project that warms our hearts! The AMAZING Marriage Project (that we announced earlier this year) has evolved in so many ways and we are about ready to share just one small piece of that evolution! ;) Actually, it is not small at all! It is BIG and it has been a huge labor of love… which is why we are so incredibly excited to share it with you all!!

In just a short time, we will be launching the brand new site! ( will definitely still be around! We are not going anywhere!) For months, we have been designing, coding, tweaking, and preparing this goodness and it is so AMAZING to see it come to life! Our original goal date to launch was October 1st… but we have a few AMAZING pieces to finalize before we release it to the world! ;) Stay tuned… it is definitely worth the wait. We are SUPER close! And we wanted to share our excitement with you all so that you can join us in our dance party! ;)

Hop on over to and make sure you sign up to be notified when we go live!!! You will not want to miss it… especially when we get to introduce you to couples like Clara May and Paul, who have been married 55 years and want to share their life experiences with us! Ahhh! So grateful for this passion in our hearts and the couples who have come into our lives to help encourage the world to live a more AMAZING Life Together!!!

Don’t forget… go to and sign up! Together, we will be smiling super BIG! ;)AMAZING Life Together

A Ski Lodge to Ourselves

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How much fun is this to think about…

What if we had a ski lodge all to ourselves? What if we brought together some AMAZING people to just take a break? Take a break from all of the craziness that fills our to do lists and just have fun. What if we gathered a group of friends together and took a vacation to a magical place that had everything that we could dream of doing and the comfort of doing nothing at all!

These are just a few of our “what ifs” that went through our brains when dreaming of the AMAZING Life Escape! We dreamed of a getaway where we could gather with new and old friends and just be. We craved an opportunity to escape to an AMAZINGly beautiful location and just soak each other in. We wanted the location to have a little bit of everything without making us feel guilty if we wanted to do a little bit of nothing!

The Glen House isn’t actually a ski lodge- but it pretty much is exactly that! ;) It is located at the base of a ski slope right alongside a golf course. The estate has a 20 seat state of the art movie theatre, 2 hot tubs, 8 spa-inspired bathrooms (all with multiple shower heads and body sprays), 3 kitchens, 4 bars, a pool table, multiple fire places (indoor and outdoor) and so much more… which is already more than we can even imagine!

The reality is, it is not likely that we could afford to take a vacation like this by ourselves, but by including friends (new and old) we all can have a dream getaway together! The thought of having the Glen House all to ourselves to do as much or as little as we want just makes our hearts smile! We are dreaming of what we will do when we arrive in November and this place is our little escape. What would you do if you had a ski lodge all to yourself?

Over the next few days, we will be sharing a little more about our plans for the AMAZING Life Escape! We have two spots open for two additional couples to join us for the Escape! If you share in our dreams for a little getaway- you should definitely join us! We would love to have you. Plus, if you sign up this week you can save $351 by using code AMZESCAPE. We can’t wait for you to Escape with us!!!