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There were a lot of details about Molly and Adil’s day that just made our hearts fill with joy!  It was clear to us that their wedding was not just a celebration for them by them.  But it was a celebration where a worldwide community was coming together to make sure Molly and Adil’s wedding celebration was one of a kind!

When Molly and Adil shared with us that their close friend was going to be making their cake, we thought that was pretty cool.  But when they told us he would be flying in from Chicago on Monday to begin prep on the cake in Molly’s parent’s kitchen we got pretty excited.  Okay, pretty excited doesn’t really do it justice.  We were pumped.  But, then they filled in the gaps that blew us away and told us that their friend was a master sugar artist and would be using blackberry preserves that had been canned from Molly’s parents garden earlier this year!!!  WHAT!?!  How amazingly special is that?  I googled their friend’s name and he is not “just” a sugar artist, but the Chicago Tribune calls him, “a master sugar artist and cake stylist. One of the best in the country.”  Yes, this was AMAZINGLY special and there was no way we were not going to capture this!

We arrived to the Eastern Shore on Thursday to begin capturing Molly and Adil’s wedding weekend.  First stop was Molly’s parent’s house.  We immediately felt at home as we got the tour of their home and joined the rest of Molly’s family as we watched in awe of the magic Mark and his assistant Alexis were putting together.  By the time we arrived, the refrigerator was full of beautifully crafted magicalness, waiting to be decorated!  We were literally left speechless as Mark shared the details of the cake in numbers.

Within this beautiful masterpiece, that consisted of 60 lbs of cake, there were approximately:

7 doz eggs
16 lbs butter
12 lbs sugar
11 lbs flour
15 qts buttercream
30 bananas
… just to name a few!

AMAZING right?!?!  It was such an amazing honor to be able to capture this incredible gift to Molly and Adil as it was created! 

Over 50 hours of Mark’s craftsmanship went into just the flowers on this cake!

Ohh and I would be remiss if I did not mention… this cake not only looked AMAZING, but it tasted pretty darn AMAZING too!  Thanks Mark and Alexis for sharing your incredible talent with all of us! Be sure to check back next week for more from Molly and Adil’s Wedding and to see what Mark’s Cake looked like once it was finished!


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  2. Erin Dayhaw

    wow! that looks awesome! I hope you got to try the cake too :]

  3. Jennifer

    Wow, that’s a super-incredible cake! And the story behind its creation is even more special!

  4. The bride-Molly

    Liz and Ryan. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! My heart is melting knowing these memories are preserved through time. There is so much you don’t get to see as bride and groom. We will cherish these, and I am on the edge of my Bermudian lounge waiting for the next installment!
    Mark is pretty special, huh?
    Lots of love.
    The Bride-Molly

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