Be Happy for this Moment

Gratitude  //  

Today is the day. Today is the 10th and last stop on The What’s Next Tour. We are not sure how this day is already here, but it is. Today we are reminded to soak this in. To soak in every special moment that you may or may not even recognize as “special” on a daily basis!

Today, we are slowing down. If we had magical powers, we may even go through this day in slow motion just so that we can soak in every single moment that we have. ;) We are soaking in the AMAZING words that God is sharing with us through Justin and Mary’s voices… we are soaking in the emotions and the energy and the passion that fills the room. We are soaking in the open hearts and warm hugs. The What’s Next Cafe and the details that are so inviting… we are soaking them in! And we are even soaking in the effort it takes to load in and load out… in hopes that we never forget the hard work and love that fills this tour!

This What’s Next Tour experience has been filled with moments that we will never forget. ┬áThese moments make up the past 3 weeks of our lives. These moments we are so happy for. So grateful!

We are so excited to share more with you about the Tour! So much more to come! But in the meantime… soak in this moment and enjoy today! Happy weekend friends!