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Hope you are well rested after a long weekend full of lots of good food and time with family and friends! Whew! I know we are thankful that Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, because we needed every minute of that long weekend! ;) But this morning we are back at it and feeling more energized than ever!

Over the weekend we took some time to really concentrate on slowing down and being present. We worked hard earlier in the week to get all of our work done so that we could concentrate on being present in the moment! However, I must admit, we still struggled. It is so hard for us to take a break. (Yes, that is a good thing because we are incredibly passionate about what we do… but it is also a challenge because letting our bodies and minds rest is SO IMPORTANT! Plus, we owe it to our family and friends that surround us… they deserve 100% of us!)

It is easy to get caught up in that To-Do list that is never ending (especially with the holidays upon us) or lose track of the conversation that is happening right next to you because Facebook is filling you in on the latest (not as important) news. We are guilty too! However, this week we invite you to focus with us on slowing down and being present. Turn off social media when you are surrounded by your loved ones, delete items on your To-Do list that are actually impossible to get done (Note to self: Honestly, if they are that important they will get done at some point- no reason to stress yourself out over it!), and add one really important task to your list that forces you to slow down. Maybe it is “go to the gym,” or “go to yoga,” or “write in your journal”… whatever it may be that will help you slow down, write it on your To-Do list. You owe it to yourself to make it a priority to slow down and be present!

Have an AMAZING week!

*Side Note: This will be our last Amazing Life Manifesto Video for the year! Whoa… that seems crazy to say! lol. But we have a December full of AMAZINGNESS that we are so excited to share with you! Stay Tuned!


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by Liz and Ryan


  1. Tiffany Farley

    Love this. :)

  2. Kristin

    Love it!

  3. Monica Rysavy

    Loved your video, Liz and Ryan! As much as I love my “To Do” lists, this is the time of year when they quickly feel unmanageable. Great reminder to pause and take a break to focus on what matters most! I’ve decided to add my relationships first to my do list each day to remind me that those come before everything else!

  4. Katie


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