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The other day we were at Spoons enjoying some coffee and brunch after beautiful wedding the day before. We were chatting about the wedding when I overheard a lady at the bar ask for another mimosa and explain that she was coming off a full 2 week period of being full time momma without a break. She went on to explain that life as a single parent is not always the easiest, but she has a beautiful young daughter to go home to that makes her incredibly happy.

It was at that moment that I turned to Ryan and again thanked God for the amazing blessings in our lives.A little while later, the same lady asked for her check. The waitress replied that the young woman sitting across from her at the bar had already taken care of her bill. A look of shock and amazement immediately filled her face. She was in disbelief and immediately asked how she could reach the young lady to say thank you.

We had just witnessed an amazing example of Paying It Forward. A complete stranger took the time to listen and do just a little something to make her day just a little bit better!

A simple gesture, such as paying for someone else’s meal, offering to watch a friend’s kids to give the parents a night out, or carrying a box for someone who looks like they could use some help can go such a long way. For the lady in Spoons who was on the receiving end, it restored her “faith in humanity.” One simple gesture can do so much!

This week, it is our hope that you find a way to Pay It Forward. Go out of your way to do something nice for someone. Let us know how you bring a smile to a stranger’s face this week! We can’t wait to hear.

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